Timex T5K254 Ironman 150 Lap Tap Screen Watch Review

Rated 3 Stars by 8 Actual Owners


The Timex T5K254 is a serious multifunctional watch for running enthusiasts with a number of unique features.  First of all there is the Tap Screen technology which allows you to initiate functions without having to fiddle around with buttons as you're running.  The main or featured function of the watch is its extensive lap timer.  It allows you to store information on workouts up to 150 laps. 

The management system stores workout info by date, keeping records of your average and best lap times.  There is also the Time target function, which allows you to set a target and then alerts you if you are going too slow or too fast to meet your target goal.  You also get a countdown time, three interval programs, and three alarm settings.  This is a very robust feature set sure to meet the needs of even serious athletes in training.

Users have rated this watch 3 out of 5 stars over 8 reviews.  Most people are generally happy with the look and function of this watch, however the tap screen is a relatively new and sort of sensitive technology and so has caused a few issues.  Mostly people have problems with the tap screen when they are swimming, saying that it will randomly record laps.  Others have stated that they have no problem at all using it in the water.  Big discount, free shipping, and 1 year warranty available through Amazon.

Movement Type:


Water Resistant To:

330 Feet.

More Features:

-Tap screen technology, Indiglo Backlight, Chronograph, Lap timer


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Timex T5K254 Watch Review