Harley Davidson 76A17 Luminous Automatic Watch Review

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The Harley Davidson 76A17 is a stylish and sporty model which was for Harley by Bulova watches.  This watch features stainless steel case, bezel and band (highly polished), for a durable construction.  The dial face is protected by a hardened mineral crystal for scratch resistance.  The hands of the watch, along with the time markings on the side are covered in a luminous material for seeing the time in the dark.  The plates have been cut away around the bar and shield area to provide a striking skeletal view.

The movement of this watch is Automatic, which means it can be wound mechanically, then once you put it on, it stays powered by the natural movement of your wrist and hand.  There's no need for continual winding.

This watch has received perfect ratings so far in the user reviews.  People love the look and style of this watch.  One fellow measured its time against an atomic clock, and said the Harley watch only lost 3 seconds over a 3 week period.  This is a highly accurate and well made timepiece. 

Movement Type:

Automatic-Uses Natural Wrist Movement.

Water Resistant To:

Not Stated.

More Features:

-Luminous hands, crystal face, precise automatic movement, Bulova quality build


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See Seller.

Harley Davidson 76A17 Watch Review