Guess U18507G2 Stainless Steel Waterpro Watch Review

Rated 4 Stars by 6 Actual Owners


The Guess U18507G2 is a great looking multi-function watch with a high degree of water resistance.  The main feature of the watch is its highly accurate chronograph (stop-watch) which is displayed via two of the three sub-dials.  The third sub-dial displays the time in 24 hour format.  The date is displayed at the 3 o'clock position, and shows a couple of days prior, and a couple of days hence, as well as the current date-a nice feature. 

The case, crown, bezel, and band are made of a high quality polished stainless steel. The two tone band looks great.   The face of the dial is made from a scratch resistant mineral crystal.  Keep in mind that the all steel construction will add a bit of weight to this watch.  The face of the watch is also fairly big, so it will be a relatively big and heavy watch.  Some people love that, and some people don't like it at all.  Its just personal preference.

Users have rated this watch highly.  The users who expressed dissatisfaction with the watch didn't realize that it would be quite as big and heavy as it is.  They just didn't do their research and wound up marking the watch down because of it.  One person gave it a low mark because the seller didn't do a good job with the handling....  The watch itself got very high marks from people who knew what they were buying.

Movement Type:


Water Resistant To:

100 Meters.

More Features:

-tachymeter, chronograph, durable construction, bold looks, highly water resistant


See seller.


See seller.

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