Guess U12505G1 Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch Review

Rated 5 Stars by 2 Actual Owners


The Guess U12505G1 is a great looking multi-functional watch with a high degree of durability.  The watch is equipped with a chronograph and a tachymeter.  Two of the three sub-dials are dedicated to the tachymeter, while the third sub-dial displays the time in 24 hour format.  The hands of the watch, as well as the larger marking surrounding the dial are covered in a luminous material for seeing the time in the dark.

The case, and bezel are made of a high grade durable stainless steel.  The black bezel is also made of stainless steel which has black ion plating to achieve the smooth looking black color effect.  The tachymeter markings surround the outer edge of the bezel.

Users have rated this watch a perfect 5 out of 5 so far, commenting that they are pleased with the looks and function of the watch.  One user stated that its a watch with a lot of functionality but its not overly complicated.  It is a very balanced watch in this way.  No complaints have yet been made as to the looks, function, or reliability of this watch.

Movement Type:


Water Resistant To:

100 Meters.

More Features:

-high water resistance, crystal face, chronograph, tachymeter, durable, great looks


10 year manufacturers warranty.


See seller.

Guess U12505G1 Review