Charles Hubert Paris 3553-W Pocket Watch Review

Rated 4 Stars by 3 Actual Owners


The Charles Hubert Paris 3553-W is a beautifully classic design with a skeletal view, moon phase display, as well as a second hand sub-dial.  The stainless steel casing on the watch has a window display so that the time can be read even when the case is closed.

This is a mechanical hand wind watch, so it needs to be wound daily.  User reviews state that the watch keeps perfect time with regular winding.  The only user criticisms about the watch have to do with the fact that its a light weight timepiece, and so one needs to be careful when handling it.  Also that the case cover doesn't open up much wider than the picture above illustrates.

Aside from those niggles, users love the way the watch looks, and claim that it does indeed keep the time perfectly well.  This watch makes a perfect gift for a man who appreciates classic looks and styles.

Movement Type:

Mechanical Hand Wind.

Water Resistant To:

Not Stated.

More Features:

-moon phase display, second hand sub-dial, windowed case, accurate time-keeping


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Charles Hubert Paris 3553-W Watch Review