Casio GW9200-1 G-Shock Riseman Watch Review

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By bringing together the toughness of a G-Shock and the core features of a Pathfinder/ProTrek, the Riseman is probably the best G-Shock on the market.

The Riseman is a technological tank: wrapped in a solid, eye-pleasing, and elaborate shield with brushed steel inserts is a high precision measurement instrument that gives very reliable readings of barometric pressure, altitude, temperature as well as reasonably accurate weather patterns. Fascinatingly, the watch gets its energy from the sun (or other minor sources of light, such as a bulb) and is the first watch in the world to synchronize time via radio waves from 6 different atomic clocks around the world (depending on your location). Other handy features: 24+ world times, 24hr stopwatch, 24hr countdown and 5 alarms.

The Riseman is extremely comfortable to wear throughout the day even in hot/humid weather thanks to the design of the band and despite its important size it is rarely invasive. The overall feel of the watch in your hands, and on your wrist, conveys the high quality of the materials used to achieve toughness as well as its unique look.

Movement Type:


Water Resistant To:

660 Feet.

More Features:

-altimeter, barometer, stopwatch, 6 band atomic timekeeping, shock resistant, crystal face, weather pattern reading, solar powered, backlight


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Casio GW9200-1 G-Shock Watch Review